Appreciated and demanded for their durability, high quality and reliability, these products are used for varied applications like in all kinds of the industry, health service, offices and households and others. 

Allied Power Solutions since its establishment in the year 1994 stands tall as one of the major global producers of Surge Protection Device, Surge Protector, Copper Cable Lugs, DC Traction Systems, Ground Detectors, Gas Discharge Tube Surge Protector and allied products. The company secured the prestigious ISO 9001 certification in 1997. The production of surge protection devices is a key area with extensive demands on the professional know-how of the company's management as well as the production & research team. Embracing of new technologies and continual employment of the most advanced testing equipment enable engineers to effectively utilize as well as extend their technical knowledge. Today, the usage of surge protection devices for various applications has become more or less a necessity. Large power systems that are operated and controlled via complicated electronics have become increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic smog. Sudden failure or shutdown of these electronic equipment due to surges can lead to reduction of orders, and in certain cases might even lead to a company's bankruptcy. Surge protection devices produced by our company are highly reliable, finding multiple usage in industry, households, hospitals, offices, army buildings, and various other related areas.

Not only across diverse application areas, our company also passes its expertise and experience on to college students, introducing them with new solutions in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. Today, our products are exported all across the world, and the company boasts of the first place in its area in the Czech Republic. Surge protection product range developed and offered by our company help customers use these products in diverse industrial area, offices and even households for protecting and safeguarding all kinds of communication, data and coaxial systems against surge. Maintaining stride with continual electronic development helps our company to achieve higher quality benchmarks and better technical proficiency. This is one of the key reasons why our is currently counted amongst the world market leaders. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing to comply with standard EN 61 643-11 and IEC 61643-1.

Allied Power Solutions manufactures & exports surge protection devices to many countries, worldwide. Especially, insulation level drop detectors developed by us are extremely user-friendly, empowering users to improve their easy application in metallurgy, engineering, IT systems, shipbuilding, in hospitals and transport facilities.

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