Lightning and Surge Arresters
Lightning and surge arresters have been specially designed to suit lightning protection needs of industrial buildings. These are suitable to be used for LPZ 0 – 2 areas. Design and operation of these products conform to IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 guidelines.
PV Surge Arresters
Pv Surge Arresters are used to safeguard electrical generator against lightning produced during electric storm. These are usually installed on rooftop of industrial and residential buildings where open areas are available.
Surge Filters
Surge Filters are used to safeguard converter stations and electric locomotive. These act as suspension insulators and these are completely protected against harsh climate and pollution. Offered products can be used under stable voltage condition.

Power Supply Protection Arresters
Power Supply Protection Arresters are used to protect control box and secondary switchboard of industrial buildings. These can be used under 440V voltage level and these are perfect for LPZ 1-2 areas.

Equipotential Bonding SPD
Equipotential Bonding SPDs are considered as essential part  of surge and lightning protection solutions for electrical and telecommunication systems. These are effective in distribution of electric current in earthing network to avoid damage of machines during surge.
Surge Arrester for Communication Lines
Surge arresters for Communication Lines are used for handling differential and common modes based electrical surge generated in telecommunication lines. Simple installation method and reliable operation are the key features of these solutions.
Surge Protection Device
Surge Protection Devices are used as essential parts of main switchboards of power supplying systems to control lightning current. These systems can be installed easily at less labor cost. User friendly mechanism is one of their key features.
Powerline SPD
Powerline SPDs are used as reliable surge protection solutions for industrial buildings. Featured with sturdy design, these systems require minimal effort to install. Based on their design, these are used for different lighting protection zones.
Insulation Monitoring Device
Insulation Monitoring Devices are used to observe functioning of underground system and also active phase conductors. Application of these systems can be noticed in healthcare, defense and chemical processing fields.

Spark Gap Lightning Arresters

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